Ionic Fullscreen Notification


I am using LocalNotifications to get notifications.
It works like a charm, but i also want it to show up as a full screen notification(reminder) for the user to get attention of an event.

Are there any ionic native plugins where i can work on to get this feature.
Any ideas welcome.

What you really want to do?
Show full screen window with some text when notify are received?

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Something like an alarm where the phone rings, and also displays a fullscreen notification with label and stop alarm options

so create notification page and show it in full screen modal when receive notify

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what about when the app is not open… can i trigger the page in that condition?

how do you want to show page in app when the app is close?

As far as I’m concerned no app can trigger a “full screen” notification when it’s not actively running in the foreground.
As soon as the app moves in the background or you lock the phone, you can’t do anything except for a local or push notification.

i want to show something like a alarm snooze page

You can’t run something on app when its not in foreground.