Ionic folder structure

Following is my folder structure

page: |-home_module
             |-homepage(home_module folder)
                |-homepage.html(homepage folder)
                |-homepage.scss(homepage folder)
                |-homepage.ts(homepage folder)
             |-homemodule.module.ts(home_module folder)

I am doing something terribly wrong when I navigate to a page and click back button whole app closes but the back button in top toolbar works fine. In my app.module.ts I have imported this module in imports section.


your folder structure looks for me wired.
@Vivekdoshi2 posted to day a working demo. It is easier then to describe. Look here Fabs button open by default

If you have .scss file and .module.ts file, then they are going into the same folder.

If you created by command line a page it goes by standard in a subfolder, for example bla; of pages folder. It contain bla.html, bla.ts, optional bla.scss, optional bla.module.ts

Maybe there is something going wrong with the component folder, which is created, when you add a component by command line.

Maybe it helps creating a new ionic project , create page and copy content in it.

Best regards, anna-liebt