Help with the navigation hierarchy

The app Im doing has a non usual hierarchy:

I have a home screen which has links to 8 pages.
While the home screen has no menu/header, the 8 internal pages do have a header with a back button. Finally, one of them has a sub-page too.

What’s the best way to organize this navigation in order to keep the back button working on all cases?
Is it possible to put the back button on the menu’s html to avoid repeating it in all pages?

I tried to make the side menu not abstract, but didn’t seem to work. I believe it is simple and I just didn’t figured it out yet.

thanks in advance :smile:

Can you put together a example of this in codepen or plunker? Visual person so I need to see the code to know what to do

Well, something like this:

theres a home (thehome) which has links to other pages. Those other pages have a side menu. But I want it to have a back to “thehome”

You just need to wrap the side-menus in an ion-view, then put a back button in the menu-home view.

So the back button must be in all pages, it can’t be placed only in the menu declarations?!

Well think about it like this, in your codepen, you have the custom back button to override it’s position.
So we need to put a back button since the default way of having one has been removed.

I forked another codepen… later I plan to create empty code pens with the default models of Ionic to help out.
In my code I was trying to use the default back button.