Ionic - Fingerprint AIO plugin TypeError

I followed a tutorial on fingerprint authentication with Ionic and Cordova.

I followed the instructions as indicated, but a problem occurs, I searched on google and several forums, but I did not find any way to solve my problem.

here is the bug that I get in my code:

ERROR TypeError: Object(...) is not a function
at (index.js:28)
at LoginPage.webpackJsonp.87.LoginPage.login (login.ts:25)
at Object.eval [as handleEvent] (LoginPage.ngfactory.js:23)
at Object.handleEvent (core.es5.js:12023)
at Object.handleEvent (core.es5.js:12756)
at dispatchEvent (core.es5.js:8615)
at core.es5.js:9226
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (platform-browser.es5.js:2651)
at t.invokeTask (polyfills.js:3)
at Object.onInvokeTask (core.es5.js:3881)

my typescript :

import {Component} from "@angular/core";
import {NavController, MenuController} from "ionic-angular";
import {HomePage} from "../home/home";
import { FingerprintAIO, FingerprintOptions } from '@ionic-native/fingerprint-aio/ngx';

  selector: 'page-login',
  templateUrl: 'login.html'
export class LoginPage {

  fingerPrintOptions: FingerprintOptions

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public menu: MenuController, private faio: FingerprintAIO) {;
    this.fingerPrintOptions = {
      clientId: 'Fingerprint-Test',
      clientSecret: 'password',
      disableBackup: true

  // login and go to home page
  login() {
    .then(result => {
    .catch(error => {
      console.log('Error : ', error)


my html :

<ion-content padding class="animated fadeIn login auth-page">
  <div class="login-content">
    <div padding-horizontal text-center class="animated fadeInDown">
      <div class="logo" tappable (click)="login()"></div>
      <h2 ion-text class="text-primary">
        <strong>App</strong> Project

If anyone had an idea where the problem came from so that I could move forward, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

$ grep @ionic-native package.json

I suspect you will see a mishmash of 4.x and 5.x versions of things. If so, align them all to the same major version.