Ionic file system

I am using cordovaFileOpener2 to open pdf file stored in my ionic project folder but I’m not able to get the path of file in ionic android app.If I store file on phone storage and access it from app the it is accessed successfully but I want to get file from project folder.So how to do that I’m not able to go forward so please help me.

Tell us where the file is stored. Please the full pathname.

I am storing pdf file in the projects ‘images’ folder and I want to access it’s path in controller to open it with pdf reader using cordovaFileOpener2. I dont know where this folder structure created in adroid device so I dont know the path.

I need more info to help you.
Normale all apps have their own map in the filesystem.
If you build an app with eg ionic you use ngCordova to access the filesystemmap of your app. I bet this is not the path you put the pdf?
Try locate your file with an fileexplore app.