Ionic Facebook analytic iOS


Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with Facebook analytic on iOS platform.

I following guide to implement Facebook sdk on iOS here:

at step 4. Configure Your info.plist

I cannot open .plist on my Xcode to edit FacebookAppID,…

Does anyone know how to edit .plist file?

I’m using Ionic v1 to develop.

Thank for your support.


info.plist is a generated file inside /platforms/ios that will be overwritten regularly. So even if you did that manually once, you would probably loose it quite often. Not cool.

Normally you use a Cordova plugin to achieve this, either via the plugin you are using anyway (if there is one for Facebook Analtics, this would probably take care of this) or a special one that only changes the info.plist for you.

But if I remember correctly, this is now part of Cordova it self in the newer versions - you should be able to google it via “cordova edit info.plist” or similar.