Ionic extract the registration id


Hi everyone, I have a problem with notifications. I want to extract from my application its “registration id” someone knows how to do it? I found so many solutions that suggested installing the PushNotification plugin ( ng-cordova) but is it deprecating someone has any alternatives? Thanks a lot for the answer.
I’m sorry for my english


What did you use to implement push in your application? Getting the “registration id” or “device token” is dependent on the library you are using.


I’m using firebase to send notifications to my device by installing cordova-plugin-firebase.
But I want to make dynamic notifications and to do this I use the registration id to send to a remote service. Can anyone put an example code?


This one: ?
No other plugins or Ionic Native plugins installed?

This looks good:


Thanks a lot but it is normal that the browser gives an error?


If by browser you mean ionic serve, then yes. Cordova plugins are only available on devices of the installed Cordova platform.


Does not work. When I open the application on the emulator I want to make a alert with the token written. How should I do it