Ionic error adding platform


Hi,Why this problem?


You are trying to add the Android 6.2.3 Platform but only have the 6.2.2 available!


available but not installed


That is a “bug” with Cordova.
(Created an issue at


Working for me:

PS C:\Users\Jan\Documents\my-app> cordova platform add android@6.2.3
Using cordova-fetch for cordova-android@6.2.3
Adding android project...
Creating Cordova project for the Android platform:
        Path: platforms\android
        Package: com.phonegap.helloworld
        Name: helloworld
        Activity: MainActivity
        Android target: android-25

I would gues ssomething is broken with your connection.
Can you install 6.2.2?


how to take the apk file


Again error android@6.2.2


Then the problem is with your connection, as the error message says.


connection? internet or…


Something between the command line and the servers. Proxy, censorship, etc.


I’m solve this error.But now this error


Open a new topic for that please - it has nothing to do with your initial post.


How did you fix your initial problem with the connection?


I dont understand but I am change path environment