Ionic emulate erros


I get this error and my emulator’s screen is all white…

0 674970 error TypeError: Requested keys of a value that is not an object.,, Line: 8236
1 675020 error Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting!
Watchers fired in the last 5 iterations: []$rootScope/infdig?p0=10&p1=[],, Line: 12718


Have you looked at the line 8236 in ionic.bundle.js it may give you some context which can relate to something you changed in your code.


@gmarziou this is the part where 8236.

for (var i = 1, ii = arguments.length; i < ii; i++) {

and this is whole part of that places…

function extend(dst) {
var h = dst.$$hashKey;

for (var i = 1, ii = arguments.length; i < ii; i++) {
var obj = arguments[i];
if (obj) {
var keys = Object.keys(obj);
for (var j = 0, jj = keys.length; j < jj; j++) {
var key = keys[j];
dst[key] = obj[key];


Well without your code it’s difficult to say but you could put a breakpoint here and inspect the dst object, you may recognize something from your code.



First, I replaced all the $ with jQuery since I’ve just heard that in Ionic $ would not work.

Secondly, I am using sublime for editing, what would be a proper way to debug / breakpoint there for my test?


Correct but to be more precise the issue with $ is with Angular rather than Ionic.
Also, Angular comes with its own subset of JQuery plus many features that usually makes JQueryy irrelevant unless you use third party code written in JQuery.

Your question about Sublime makes me assume that you haven’t yet used remote debugging, this occurs in your desktop browser (Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS) connected to your emulator or your real device in USB. It’s really a tool that every developer should take time to master.


I think I’ve already tested with it with ionic emulate ios -l -c , isn’t that it?

Sorry I was not able to find reference/link about it if I am wrong.


@gmarziou I was trying the mobile browser one since

ionic serve


ionic emulate -ios

are the ones that I’ve already tried.

And my app’s backend server side is running as separate server such as
ionic app is running on port 8100 and my server for data updates and stuff is running on port 5000.
and, my mobile browser doesn’t open it. (using safari on iphone6)


Unfortunately, I am only starting to use ionic on iOS, so far I have worked only on Android.

So let me describe how it works on Android on you may find some documentation on iOS to get it working.
I’m sure you can find some good resources.

You connect a real device to USB port of your PC, if you have enabled remote debugging on the phone, installed USB drivers on your PC, run adb devices and see your device listed, you need to authorize your PC access on phone. This is the intial setup, you have to do it once only.

Then you use ionic run android to download your app to the phone, it starts and you open Chrome on your PC, go to chrome://inspect/#devices you see your app as if it was running locally and you can inspect it, use JS debugger, profile it…



thanks for the link but I don’t see the index.html … I wonder why