Ionic EmojiPicker

I’m basically trying to add an emoji button to my application, using emoji picker for ionic 3, but when I click the button that calls the function it only shows a white rectangle (photo), I’m not sure if I have to enter the emojis manually or something like that , any help is grateful.
i use:
npm i ionic-emoji-picker --save

on app.modules

import { EmojiPickerModule } from 'ionic-emoji-picker';

    imports: [

on the html of the page:

<ion-input [(ngModel)]="message"></ion-input>

<button ion-button clear icon-only (click)="toggled = !toggled" [(emojiPickerIf)]="toggled" [emojiPickerDirection]="'top'"
  <ion-icon name="md-happy"></ion-icon>

on the .ts of the page:

toggled: boolean = false;
message: string;

handleSelection(event) {
  this.message += event.char;

what i get whe run the app and click the icon: