Hello! I can successfully install and view my ionic 3 project on my browser using ‘ionic serve’. But when I’m starting to edit codes, livereload is not working and this ECONNABORTED error occurs on my CMD. But when I refresh my browser, changes are there.

Here is the screenshot of the error:

Here is my ionic info:

What’s the error all about and how can I prevent the error?

You should look around here if your find something:

I can’t find similar issue like mine in your links provided.Do you have an idea of what’s with the error?

No. Create an issue with a full error description (don’t just post the screenshots, copy/paste the output so there is actual text please).

Same problem… is any one knows about this ??

Same Issue i am also facing…

I am facing this same issue when I try to compile my project using npm run ionic:serve command, as I was unable to access http://localhost:8100/ after compiling with ionic serve command. Please do suggest a solution.

facing the same issue. have you guyz found the solution for it @marccorpus @adharma @nagarajsabhahith @suryakantarora @RatnadeepDey @Sujan12

I am facing the same issue, anyone find the solution ?

In my case, I totally removed everything including nodejs, ionic and cordova. clear the cache. And then downgraded nodejs, ionic and cordova. It worked for me.