Ionic docs wrong - local notification

I am following docs to install local notifications plugin but my code won’t build.
After research it turns out that ionic isnt support by the current version of the local notifications.

So why are they in the docs with instructions that install the latest local notification plugin?

Can someone advise how i can get local notifications working in ionic 3?

Also - how can we use ionic if there isnt a reliable way of creating local notifications? Doesnt every app need notifications???

Can you link that research please?

Probably because it used to work, but doesn’t now. Did you report it at (or see if it is already reported there)?

Nobody is forcing you to use free software.


It’s a bit of a steep learning curve depending on your experience with Firebase / Firestore, but if you put in the time to master Firebase Cloud Functions, creating and sending notifications becomes extremely simple, and crazy dynamic.

Yeah i havent touched any of that.
Is that the equivalent of push notifications?
Is this firebase cloud specific functionality or any external system could push and trigger local app functionality like notifications?

Well, its equivalent in the sense that it pushes notifications. And yes, you can push notifications from the firebase console as “administrator”, but also through your own back-end service, curl, via typescript functions from your app, and users can send their own notifications to other users or groups of users.

And yes trigger notifications to be sent to themselves as well.

Huge caveat being you have to migrate to Firebase / Firestore as your back end, at least to a certain degree.

but even in a push from some back-end service, i assume something in my app still needs to make some call to show the notification - ie surely the backend service is just handling the scheduling or trigger. But without using local notifications plugin how will the app display a notification? thats the part i am missing

I see what you mean. For Ionic, there is a method to go about handling incoming messages from FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). You’ll have to check Firebase docs (which are not great) and Google some tutorials (which usually are not great) and combine what you learn to tweak things until it works.

Unfortunately I rarely use Ionic anymore and do all my coding with Java / Android Studio which has a completely different method of handling notifications. So I dont have any helpful hints for you on the actual implementation.

But yes, if you pursue it the end result will be the ability to handle notifications in-app.

Fyi, OneSignal is worth looking into also. Not sure if Ionic and OneSignal are still working together harmoniously but if so, it’s a very good option.

thanks for the info…will take a look

If anyone else on this thread can shed some light as to what the alternative is for creating in-app notifications without using the local notifications plugin and without using firebase cloud funcitons (but still triggering via some backend service)