Ionic default css dont work in components

I’m just getting a problem and i don’t know how to fix it, all my html code from my component aren’t getting the ionic default css.
As you can see from this image:

I just copied the social card example, and you can see in this image below that the class are not being “loaded” from the css inside my chat component, i just printed from my console in the chrome.



And the html from the first image:

As you can see, it is exactly the same html, but some css are not being loaded as it show in the 2nd image.

Do you guys have any idea why it is happening, im using alpha48?

I would suggest you to add those lines in your .ts file

import {IONIC_DIRECTIVES} from ‘ionic-framework/ionic’;

directives: [IONIC_DIRECTIVES],

@icarus_31, thanks man, it worked