Ionic DB User Information

I’m new to IonicDB so i could be missing something, but im trying to pull all users from the DB and return a subset based on a set of criteria. Looking at the user collection in Database management, I can only see the user_id field. Is there any additional config required?

I also noticed the user collection contained ~19 documents where i only have 3 current users, im assuming a difference between active users in Auth Service and user information in DB. Does anyone know how the synchronisation works?

Any help would be appreciated!


You can find how to get user details here:

User Details

You can find query here :

POST /db/collections/:name/documents/query
List documents within a collection matching query

If you use .singup(), Ionic db will create a user in both Auth and ‘users’ collection. You can add in more users in ‘users’ collection directly and thus bypass Auth. I guess thats why there is a discrepency in number of documents.

Still new to ionic DB too. Correct me if I am wrong.