Ionic DB Shutdown

Just received this mail:

Dear Ionic DB testers,

We are writing you today to let you know that we’ve decided to not pursue the Ionic DB product after the beta, and will be shutting Ionic DB down in the near future.

While we’re incredibly proud of the product we’ve built, the overwhelming feedback we’ve received from early users is that switching to a database product like Ionic DB is going to be a very hard sell. Frankly, we don’t think we can turn Ionic DB into a compelling business.

We’ve decided the best thing that Ionic can do is to help users better integrate with leading database products and cloud services, so we can focus on what we do best.

We will be shutting down Ionic DB May 1st, 2017. For developers that wish to have a copy of their data, we can facilitate providing a JSON dump. We are disabling new signups for the service and will be removing documentation shortly.

At Ionic, we’re constantly experimenting and trying new things. Sometimes those things work out really well (like Framework, Creator, and View), and sometimes they don’t (like DB). We will continue to think of creative ways to help developers build apps faster than ever before, and we’re thankful for you taking a chance on one of those experiments.

The Ionic Cloud Team

PS: The forum is still missing a category for Ionic Cloud…


that’s very sad news - I liked the realtime updates with .watch() so much! Actually I have no idea on how to do that without Ionic DB…

Could you give me some hints on how to achieve this with other cloud services? Which ones would you recomend and how can the Ionic Apps be integrated?

I would very much appreciate any guidance.

Thanks & Regards,

Take a look at AngularFire and Firebase. Using af with the async pipe does the same sort of thing as watch.

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I also got that message and I’m already thinking about which one to use, AngularFire or Firebase. :bow:

AngularFire is just a wrapper to make calls to Firebase. You can either work directly with Firebase or use the AngularFire wrappers to interact with Firebase.

thanks for the clarification

NP. I touch a little on using AngularFire and Firebase in my O’Reilly book.

I received this message too.

It would be great to have a list of options what other developers are using.
The feature set that i am lookig for is:

  • must be cross plattform including ios androind AND windows phone
  • must be realtime data like ionicDB watch()
  • should have offline sync features

What would you suggest?
Has anyone tried azure mobile app services ?

I think this makes sense. I did like the direction and style of IonicDB, but there’s already well established options that have had a lot of time to mature like MongoDB, Firebase, CouchDB/PouchDB, and I’m not sure IonicDB would’ve provided any big advantage over those aside from tighter integration with Ionic.