Ionic DateTime Timezone Picker

I have a date field where the user is able to pick the date and time:

  <ion-datetime displayFormat="DD MMM YYYY" [(ngModel)]="time" (ngModelChange)="onChange($event)" name = "time"></ion-datetime>

  <ion-datetime displayFormat="HH:mm"  minuteValues="0,15,30,45" [(ngModel)]="time" (ngModelChange)="onChange($event)" name = "time"></ion-datetime>

Similar to the above, I would like the user to be able to select the timezone by timezone offset (e.g. UTC+1:00).

How would I include timezone selection in a datetime picker? If this isn’t possible, I’m happy to have a separate dropdown which in turn updates the “time” variable in the typescript (potentially using moment?).

why do you want to select a timezone?

The purpose of the application is for the user to be able to create an event. The event time may not be in their current timezone, so I’d like them to be able to select this (similar to the option in Google Calendar):

you can detect their timezone automatically

I don’t need to detect their current timezone, I want them to be able to select this (as it may be a different timezone to where they currently are).