Ionic: Created apk is not including anything, excluding index.html

Hello to everyone, I’m trying to test my app on the device, but after creating apk and installing it on my device I get only white screen. I inspected it by Chrome tools and found this

no files included. Still, files exists in the project folder …/www/build and re-creating every ionic build.

I’m having a similar problem. Locally the APK is generated and runs fine on the device. However on the CI system I’m trying to setup the APK is generated but instead of being ~6MB it’s ~1.1MB and build files seem to be missing. What’s the best way to debug these types of problems?

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Did you ever figure this out? Got the same issue when building using Visual Studio Online


Did you get a solution for this?

If not feel free to contact me. I can help in this issue.

Skype:- cisin.adrian