Ionic cordova run : big problem

I’ve a very strange problem from some days…
I’m working on a Ionic 3 Angular 5 app
I make some changes on code, save it and run:
npm i
ionic cordova run browser -lc

Looking log on terminal i see that it’s running a previous code
I’ve tried to delete npm cache, close terminal or vs.code but nothing

Someone has same problem ?
Some help ?

Remove the platform via CLI, then reinstall it. The command to save your plugin settings is escaping me…need more coffee…

just removed and reinstalled many times… :frowning:

So, you are seeing this issue in the browser?

In devtools, make sure you clear all the application data. If you are using service workers, it might be tripping up because of that.

As a last resort, install the browser.

i’m using…
now i’ve deleted the file with my last code and create a new one and al works fine !!!
i’m crazy…

After reboot my mac, now all it’s ok… very strange