Ionic cordova resources failed

I am behind the corporate proxy

Try these:

I tried setting all the proxy variables

What does this screenshot show?

In the docs I linked you have this:

$ export HTTP_PROXY= # used by npm
$ export HTTPS_PROXY= # used by npm

I suspect https_proxy is different from HTTPS_PROXY.

Its in windows, I believe it should not make much difference, I tried adding HTTPS_PROXY as well, no luck.

Well, if the docs show one thing, by default you probably should not do a different thing just because…

The screen shot has the list of variables I have set at npm level,
And I have same set of variables set at User level

I just noticed that the HTTPS proxy maybe is not released yet:

Added SSL configuration options for CLI HTTP requests. See

This will be released today or tomorrow, so the problem might go away with an update.