Ionic: Cordova plugin not updating

Hi all,

I want to change the Barcode scanner plugin for Cordova a bit, so forked it and changed something rather simple for testing purposes.

As you can see on line 87, I changed the result_uri to result_text . This way, when I would scan a URL, the information would say I scanned plain text.

Then, I added this plugin to my Ionic project, using cordova plugin add .

Browsing to the files in my text editors does show my edits. But… when I run the application on my device, it keeps saying “URL Found”.

It’s like my changes don’t apply… Anyone knows what to do?
I’ve tried removing android platform and reinstalling the plugin, but that didn’t work.

Thanks a bunch!

Have you checked that config.xml has been correctly updated by cordova plugin add ?
if yes, have you tried to remove platform and re-add?

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve tried changing the text itself in the strings.xml file, just for testing.
I’ve noticed that this indeed needs a remove and re-add of the platform. After that, the text is changed.

So changes in strings.xml do apply, but the original problem remains: changes in a .java file don’t seem to apply.

The ultimate goal of this testing, is to make the duration time after a code is scanned (and the result text is shown) smaller. In, I’ve changed DEFAULT_INTENT_RESULT_DURATION_MS = 1500L to DEFAULT_INTENT_RESULT_DURATION_MS = 15L , but the duration time stays the same, even after removing and re-adding android platform.

hi did you got any working solution for changing in plugin to be update in the app? I’m stuck on the same issue

I’ve noticed that every plugin I’m using updates when I remove and re-add the android platform, except BarcodeScanner… weird.