Ionic cordova platform add android

when i want add platform android i get error

ionic info


i test below command

npm install
npm install -g ionic & cordova

I once had this issue I downgraded my cordova version

npm install cordova@6.5.0
I hope it helps.

tnx for answer but not worked for me

zatea tnx i test again but with below code

npm install -g cordova@6.5.0

and worked for me :slight_smile:

only small extra hint:
With Windows I know also it always good to start the console (cmd) as administrator.

yes. i start ad admin :grin:

No, it emphatically isn’t.

There is never any need for running npm or ionic or cordova with elevated privileges, on any OS, and when you do so even once, you are likely to mess up permissions all over the place in a way that is difficult to clean up afterwards.

Use nvm or nvm-windows to manage your node installations instead.