Ionic Cordova Local Notifications not subscribing to events on IOS

I have setup local notifications on IOS and l want to subscribe to Local notifications on the event onTrigger then l play custom audio or voice recording. Whats happening is if the app is in the foreground/active l do receive notifications and l do subscribe to event onTrigger. However if l lock my phone or place the app in the background the notification does popup but does not subscribe to the event onTrigger.

Is a a workaround to subscribe to events when the app is in the background or when device is locked? Your Environment

Device OS is IOS 16.1.2 Ionic:

Ionic CLI : 5.4.5 (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/ionic) Ionic Framework : @ionic/angular 5.9.4 @angular-devkit/build-angular : 12.1.4


Cordova CLI : 11.0.0 Cordova Platforms : ios 6.2.0 Cordova Plugins : cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.2.0, cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.2.1, (and 14 other plugins)


cordova-res : 0.15.4 native-run : 1.6.0 (update available: 1.7.1)


ios-deploy : 1.10.0 ios-sim : 8.0.2 NodeJS : v14.15.4 (/usr/local/bin/node) npm : 6.14.10 OS : macOS Xcode : Xcode 14.1 Build version 14B47b

Installed Plugins cordova-plugin-add-swift-support 2.0.2 “AddSwiftSupport” cordova-plugin-badge 0.8.8 “Badge” cordova-plugin-camera 4.1.0 “Camera” cordova-plugin-chooser 1.3.1 “Chooser” cordova-plugin-device 2.0.2 “Device” cordova-plugin-file 7.0.0 “File” cordova-plugin-file-transfer 2.0.0-dev “File Transfer” cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.2.0 “cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard” cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.2.1 “cordova-plugin-ionic-webview” cordova-plugin-local-notification 0.9.0-beta.2 “LocalNotification” cordova-plugin-media 6.1.0 “Media” cordova-plugin-media-capture 4.0.0 “Capture” cordova-plugin-native-ringtones 0.2.5 “NativeRingtones” cordova-plugin-nativeaudio 3.0.9 “Cordova Native Audio” cordova-plugin-splashscreen 5.0.2 “Splashscreen” cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.4.2 “StatusBar”

Expected Behavior

I expect the local notifications to subscribe to event onTrigger when the notification is triggered whether its in the background or phone is locked . Actual Behavior

The local notification does popup but does not subscribe to the event trigger

Anyone who has an idea of subscribing to events in the background on IOS 16?

Am l the only one having issues with this plugin?