Ionic\cordova jsonp works in browser but not on ANDROID



i saw some similar questions but still didn’t manage to find a solution.
the problem is as follows:

I have an html5 app which developed using Ionic.

when i use ‘ionic serve’ my JSONP cross domain calls work as expected.
when i create the application using ‘ionic build’ and then install the application on my android phone using the apk i get 404 on my jsonp.

i altered the config.xml and added a child element to the element:

<access origin="*" />

still the same result.

if i take the jsonp url and paste in the my phone Chrome i can see the result as expected - so no network issue.

the communication is http (not secure)

I assume i’m missing some configuration but can’t figure out which.

I’ll appreciate any kind of help. thanks in advance