Ionic cordova build browser --prod --release

What do you mean with “install a new node with this”? When I now uninstalled Node.js in Windows 10 and ran npm install nvm-win it will only say “‘npm’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,” So I will need to reinstall Node.js with the Windows msi installer? And then run npm install nvm-win?

So is this the best way to install Ionic in Windows 10?

Install Node.js with the Windows msi installer at
npm install -g nvm-win@latest
npm install -g ionic@latest
npm install -g cordova@latest


Google for nvm-windows. Find on #1. Read what it says what it does and how to install it. Then read how to use it and use it.

It says I should remove all node directories. Also node directories in Visual Code, Visual Studio, Brackets etc?? I also found a nvm directory C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\nvm Should this also be deleted before installing nvm-windows?

FYI: there’s an unresolved issue with nvm-for-windows that prevents it from updating to the most recent version of npm. The issue has been open for a while, and it seems like a big deal, so I’m not sure I’ll be recommending new installs of nvm-for-windows until this is resolved. I still use it, and I feel nothing bad because I don’t need the cutting edge version of npm. But it’ll be a bad sign if this goes on for too long.

Thanks for info. Do you know if it’s productive to use Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Code for Ionic+Cordova projects? Would Visual Studio solve my Node.js+Windows issues I have had ever since I started Ionic development 2013… At they recommend Visual Studio Community… “which comes with everything you need”… But would that really solve my Node.js issues?? I don’t need templates… Ionic’s recommendations normally works for your first project, but once you have several ionic/Cordova apps with different versions you start getting problems… Anyone who has a real recommendation on the perfect dev environment for Windows 10 users? I mean something sustainable not for example dependent on some individual’s utility developed on his free time or similar…

Like this one maybe

I had a terrible experience with Visual Studio and Ionic (Typescript really), and switched to Sublime, which is working very well for me. Probably the favorite two IDEs on this board though are VSCode and WebStorm. So VSCode is probably much better for you than Visual Studio.

Yes I use Visual Code and like it. My problem is only issues with Node always, as I have several apps with different dependencies.

Use nvm-windows. I do. Despite the issue I posted, it’s great.

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You mean this one?:

Maybe this extension for VSCode can solve my issues?

Hello, I have one question. Can help me . ionic 4 platforms / browser / www when I moved it to the server, and I’m doing a reload. I see that “cannot get page”. But navigation worked.