Ionic Cloud Services - FCM Topic Messaging


I’ve built an ionic app that uses Ionic Cloud services to subscribe to FCM Push notifications. Currently, I receive the notifications whenever it’s sent.

It requires ‘CloudSettings’ const to be configured in the app-module.ts, where the Push configurations like sender-id, android and ios specific configuration including GCM topics could be provided.

Now, I want to subscribe to additional topics based on the user selection. How to subscribe to different topics (dynamically) with Ionic 2 Cloud Services?

As ‘CloudSettings’ is a constant and imported in the app module, it could not be overridden. Is there any way to override the configuration?

I tried to reset the value for push.PushOptions before registering to, but it’s not working. Any solution to this would be appreciated.


As far as I know Ionic Cloud doesn’t support FCM topics.

But I could be wrong, best ask the people that do know:
And let us know after of course :wink: