Ionic cli logout github

how can i logout from my github account in ionic when try to link project to appflow

? Which git host would you like to use? GitHub

[INFO] In order to link to a GitHub repository the repository must already exist on GitHub.
[INFO] If the repository does not exist please create one now before continuing.

       If you're not familiar with Git you can learn how to set it up with GitHub here:

       You can find documentation on how to create a repository on GitHub and push to it here:
? Does the repository exist on GitHub? Yes
√ Looking up your GitHub repositories: 7 found - done!
? Which GitHub repository would you like to link?
  itosoftco / amnasnad-beta
> itosoftco / amnasnad-lite
  itosoftco / amnasnad-lts
  itosoftco / ghghbh6
  itosoftco / null
  itosoftco / qrcodei
  itosoftco / qrscanner

i want to disaccount itosoftco from ionic link?

Remove your user settings:

git config --global --unset
git config --global --unset
git config --global --unset credential.helper

Or all your global settings:
git config --global --unset-all