Ionic change tab but selection not change

ionic v2

i have 4 tabs, each of the tab have it’s content

so if we have a list inside 3rd tab, then we choose the list and go to single page with back button…

after i tab the back button, it back to 1st tab, but 3rd tab still selected…

give positive response …


Can you post a code sample please?

click on 2nd tab go to -> list page click on detail go to-> detail page click back button go to -> home page but 1st tabs not selected still 2nd tab is selected
and display 1st tab data

ionViewDidLoad() {
	this.navBar.backButtonClick = (e:UIEvent) =>{

here i want to select 1st tab

So you already manipulated the backbutton to go back to the first tab by going to the whole TabsPage on the root level again, correct?

But the tab bar is still showing the 3rd tab as selected, not the first one, although it shows the content of the 1st tab. Correct?

yes correct
here i want to select 1st tab

Read the docs: (scroll up a bit to see a select() example)