Ionic camera upload AWS3 - File transfer deprecated

I’m trying to upload an image by camera to AWS3 but I have found only tutorials about file transfer.
I read that file transfer is now deprecated, how could I solve this problem ?

This is my code but I’m getting 403 fobidden error:

    const BUCKET_NAME = 'xxxxxxxxxxx';
    const IAM_USER_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxx';
    const IAM_USER_SECRET = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';

    let bucket = new AWS.S3(
        accessKeyId: IAM_USER_KEY,
        secretAccessKey: IAM_USER_SECRET,
        region: "eu-central-1"
    const params = {
      Bucket: "etproject",
      Key: "one/smile.jpg",
      Body: "/assets/imgs/test_images/smile.jpg",
      ContentType: "image/jpeg",
      ACL: 'public-read'
    bucket.upload(params, function (err, data) {
      console.log("err", err);
      console.log("data", data);
      if (err) {
        console.log('There was an error uploading your file: ', err);
        return false;
      console.log('Successfully uploaded file.', data);
      return data;

It’s the third topics I ask and I not receive an aswer or a tips. So this is my way to solve my problem. I hope I will help someone else in same condition.

I first follow this guide online to set amazon bucket for IAM users:

I found that my problem was to install first the require word, and solved it by adding some code to tsconfig.json:

    "types": ["node"],
    "typeRoots": [

inside complireOptions. If it still does not work try to type : npm install @types/node --save -dev
and then in your page declare require like :

declare var require: any;

Then I configure AWS inside my costructor and create a function to upload:

    let BUCKET_NAME = 'name_bucket';
    const IAM_USER_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';
    const IAM_USER_SECRET = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

    AWS.config = new AWS.Config();
    AWS.config.accessKeyId = IAM_USER_KEY;
    AWS.config.secretAccessKey = IAM_USER_SECRET;
    AWS.config.region = "region";

This is my function:

    let date = new Date();
    let current_seconds = date.getSeconds();

    var bufferValue = this.dataURItoBlob(file);
    let bucket = new AWS.S3();
    bucket.createBucket(function () {
      var params = {
        Bucket: 'xxxxxxx',
        Key: 'name'+current_seconds+'.png',
        Body:  bufferValue ,
        ContentType: 'image/png',
        ACL: 'public-read'
      bucket.upload(params, function (err, data) {
        if (err) {
          console.log('error in callback');

BufferValue is the image base64 in blob passed by camera to dataURItoBlob function.

I hope I was clear.

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If you use the new amplify api from AWS, it is a lot cleaner and they handle the configuration for you.

  async saveFile(_event) {

    const files =;
    const key = `${new Date().getTime()}:${files[0].name}`;
    Storage.put(key, files[0], {
      contentType: files[0].type,
      level: "private"
      .then(result => console.log(result))
      .catch(err => console.log(err));

My AWS Amplify project is here.

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