Ionic Camera Image too big

Camera ImageData

I want to send Image via, but base64 is too big, any idea to reduce size ?
PS: I have to send base64 Format.

Reduce the quality in Camera Options, it will reduse the size of image too.
By default the quality is 50, lessen that!

Not useful. Because I test on my iPhone with Xcode Console.

var data = {
         image: imageData,
      username: 'xxx'  

I have result

{image: "xxx............

even not close the bracket. After I, always received missing arguments : image, username, So I guess maybe image too big can not post to RESTful API.

I already set quality to 40 / 30, still same problem.

Oh… OK! so this is the real problem.

use Ionic File Transfer → Upload

He said he have to send base64. I think transfer only work with file only

@Chungtheng the param fileUrl can be Filesystem URL representing the file on the device or a data URI