Ionic.bundle.js missing



I just reinstalled my Mac and checked out my Ionic v1 repo.

If I want to run my project (ionic build android) I have the issue that the “ionic” folder inside “www/lib” is missing. This folder contains the file “ionic.bundle.js”. I do not remember if I added this folder and the containing files by hand or if they had been generated from Ionic. It’s too long ago that I was working on that app :wink:

I have the latest Ionic CLI installed. I used “ionic state restore” to restore my plugins and of course installed all node modules via “npm install”.

Are there any issues / pitfalls I have to take care of regarding an “old” app that uses Angular v1 and the new Ionic CLI?

Thanks for your help!


Hey!Even I had the same problem , i got neither js folder or lib folder nor index.html in www folder.
I posted and searched almost everywhere no solution found yet.


Hey!What worked with my case is ionic versions 2 and 3 are not so well,and this have app folder like the www folder in version 1.Mistake i have done is i installed version 3 and trying working like on version 1.(followed utube video).So i uninstalled using command
npm uninstall -g ionic
then again re-installed version 1 ionic
npm install -g ionic@1.7.6
Try this ,i got all my folders back.