Ionic build ios **export failed** error: exportArchive: Found no compatible export methds

When I run:

ionic build ios

the archive succeeds but the export fails.

Here are the error messages:

error: exportArchive: Found no compatible export methods for: DVTFilePath:0x7f9d3dc41d20:’/Users/PATH/platforms/ios/PROJECTNAME.xcarchive’

Error Domain=IDEFoundationErrorDomain Code=1 “Found no compatible export methods for: DVTFilePath:0x7f9d3dc41d20:’/Users/PATH/platforms/ios/PROJECTNAME.xcarchive’” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Found no compatible export methods for: DVTFilePath:0x7f9d3dc41d20:’/Users/PATH/platforms/ios/PROJECTNAME.xcarchive’}

Error: Error code 70 for command: xcodebuild with args: -exportArchive,-archivePath,fasTask.xcarchive,-exportOptionsPlist,/Users/PATH/platforms/ios/exportOptions.plist,-exportPath,/Users/PATH/platforms/ios/build/device

I tried uninstalling Xcode and re-installing. The first build after re-installation gives me a successful build. Any builds after the first build give me the same error message as before.

Also if I run:

npm uninstall -g ionic cordova

and delete everything in the platform folder, then run:

install -g ionic cordova

then the first build succeeds but any build after it fails.


ionic serve

works fine everytime.


  • Xcode 7.3.1
  • ionic 2.1.14
  • cordova 6.4.0
  • cordova-ios 4.3.1
  • ios-deploy 1.9.0


  • cordova-camera-plugin (i tried disabling, same error)


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Are you getting any Ruby warnings? I was just troubleshooting a different issue and noticed a warning:

Non-system Ruby in use. This may cause packaging to fail.
If you use RVM, please run `rvm use system`.
If you use chruby, please run `chruby system`.

Executing rvm use system made the build process work again.

Did you solved this issues i am still facing this one

in my case, this command work great and produce for me an IPA

ionic cordova build --prod --device ios

if you want you could use these commands in seperate:

    ionic build
    cordova build --prod --device ios

just dont use “–release” attr because it will fail when signing. And of course you must have an build.json in Root project which contain your developer account info.

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Whta about the ionic.config.json file then? Just Keep both? Can you share an example of an valid build.json file an explain please what value goes where? Thank you very much!