Ionic build android with JIT Compiler


I updated my application using Ionic2. It worked with ionic serve but not with ionic build. I know that “Ionic build” use AOT Compiler. My question is that: Can I build android without AOT Compiler ? I am new in Angular2/Ionic2, so this question can be “stupid”.


This is not a stupid question, I need this too as my app currently uses third side libraries that as of yet does not support aot, Is this configurable ?


Since this is a problem that affects most of us “this is not a stupid question”. External libraries doesn’t fit well yet with the AoT build process. So I hope this can be fixed in the next release.


I found the solution, in file package.json, just remplace this line “build”: “ionic-app-scripts build”, by :
“build”: “ionic-app-scripts build --dev”


I had problems with ionic build ios with the app store of angular2-redux. Apparently there’s a problem with AoT and 3rd party angular2-redux as well. Switching to “ionic-app-scripts build --dev” saved me.