IONIC BUILD ANDROID ERROR YOU may not have the required enviroment

Im triying to build an android projectc with ionic build android, i am using a default aplication using the following command:

ionic start sideApp sidemenu

then i add the android platform:

ionic platform add android, and i get:

then i try to buld it:

ionic build android and i get this error:

i have follow this video: and this is what i have installed in the SDK

none of the solutions mentioned in the forum helped me

Hmm, could you try ionic build android -d and paste the output?

same error

So lets try this, can you try to run these commands and see if you get any output.

android - should bring up the android sdk manager
java - should return a list of options from java

I already did all that , I followed the tutorial in this video , and all that is up and running

Hmm, not sure what the issue could be then.

Does this happen with a default cordova project?
Another option would be to go through this setup and let it make sure everything is configured correctly

the problem is still