Ionic build android error Windows 7

I have been trying to use ionic build android command but it is throwing exception .
Running command: “C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe” C:\Users#solution_file_path#\hooks\after_prepare\010_add
_platform_class.js #solution_file_path#

throw new TypeError(‘invalid data’);
TypeError: invalid data
at Socket.write (net.js:614:11)
at Object.
at Module._compile (module.js:456:26)
at Object.Module._extensions…js (module.js:474:10)
at Module.load (module.js:356:32)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:312:12)
at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:497:10)
at startup (node.js:119:16)
at node.js:906:3

**I have done all the prerequisites to run this command

  1. Download and install java
  2. Download the android SDK
    3)Add android to path
  3. Install node.js
  4. Install ionic**
    But still the root cause of this issue cannot be traced. Any one having any idea please help me on this

Check the Read/Write on your project folder… I am forced to use TFS for one project and after a check-in the entire project folder is flagged to R/O - subsequent builds fail until I set it back to R/W… Haven’t had time to research which file requires W for the build to complete, so going with the blanket approach for now.