Ionic Browserify NPM blank screen

So I am messing with the tabs template and using browsrify so I can use NPM modules. I am trying to use the randomuser NPM module (although any module that has to connect with with a URL will have the same result).

My controller pretty much looks like this:

angular.module('starter.controllers', [])

.controller('DashCtrl', function($scope, $http) {

        $scope.somethingHappens = function() {
                var RandomUser = require('randomuser');
                var r = new RandomUser();

                r.getUsers(function (data) {
                    $scope.results = data[0]['user']['email'];

in the view (tab-dash.html), I have the ion-content tag with ng-controller=“DashCtrl” (like normal). and I have :

<div class="list card">
        <div class="item item-body"><button type="button" ng-click="somethingHappens()">Click here</button></div>
                    <div class="item item-body">

When I browserify the app and build, the button appears, but when i click, nothing happens. I’m lost.