Ionic box and tomcat connection problem

Hi !
I am facing a problem using ionic box.
My app runs in the browser on the port 8100 (forwarded from the virtual machine).
On my real machine I am running a tomcat server (Spring boot) on the port 8080.
I am able to retrieve info from this server using the address (the foreign aaddress red from the virtual machine) while connected with vagrant ssh;
es: curl
But when I try to access this link from my application $http.get(' etc I have a CONNECTION_TIMEOUT.
If I change the address, using another url like, it works, so I think the code is ok.
Does anybody has ever had the same problem? Am I doing something wrong ?


I wish if u could share the steps to deploy ionic app on tomcat server

There are no particular steps to follow.
In my case I had problems with CORS. I solved installing ionic (not using vagrant), and configuring the server to allow origin from localhost:.
You should need it only while using “ionic serve”.
What you want to know exactly?

I want to run my ionicapp on tomcat server instead of other servers like strongloop

I think my answer will not satisfy you, but you just have to run a tomcat server (google will help you) and send your requests to it.
If you application layers are separated as they should, your ionic app will work independently of the backend you choose.