Ionic bitcoin/blockchain P2P client

I’m looking to make an ionic app that connects to the bitcoin p2p network to verify and broadcast transactions. Up to now however I’m having trouble getting connected to active nodes. I’ve tried to use both ngWebsockets and the plugin sockets-for-cordova. Nodejs libraries as bitcore-p2p achieve this by using the Net class in nodejs. This brings me to the following questions:

  • Is it indeed possible to connect to a blockchain node using websockets?
  • Is there an Ionic alternative to Net in nodejs?

If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. The idea is to in the and make a cordova/ionic compatible version of the bitcore libraries.

( should show the ip address of some active nodes in the p2p network, normal communication should occur at port: 8333)


I managed to create a bitcore compatible library for ionic/corodva.

Are you stil in a process of creating a verification approach for bitcoin transactions? Feel free to contact me for any help, I am now devoting some time on this…