Ionic beta14 icons v 2.0.3 with animations

Hi , I have updated ionic to beta 14 as well icons to 2.0.3(I copied all font and scss files to a proper catalog) and since then animated icons disappeared. For example icon="ion-loading-a" isn’t visible but icon="ion-load-a" is. am I something missing ? or just animated icons are no longer supported in beta14 ?

It appears they are working on the animated icons. See this topic: Newest ionicons

I’m not sure what do you mean “It appears they are working on the animated icons.” Do I have to move back to old icons ? or there is somewhere animated icon pack ? Good to know that in final release there will be svg pack :slight_smile:

Beta 14 is currently using the old icons (version 1.5.2). They are working on adding animated icons for the next release of Ionic (according to Ben’s post above), and the next version of Ionic should be the first non-beta release. That’s all I know on this, sorry. :smile:

So, if you want to use the animated icons you should use the old version of the icons. The CSS file for beta 14 is referencing the old icons, anyways.

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