Ionic Beta Push integration

Hi I am trying to integrate ionic beta push. but I am unable to send dev token to ionic push server.
could you please help me.

I am unable to see tokens inside push tab.

Sorry you’re having trouble!

Please get it touch with ericb on gitter.
He’ll be able to help you out.

Also make sure you’re referencing the docs

This is my code for sending the token to the user:

        var push = new Ionic.Push({
            "debug": false

        var callback = function (token) {
            push.saveToken(token); // Push the token to the logged user

       var details = {
              email : 'your-email',
              password : 'your-password'

        Ionic.Auth.login('basic', {"remember": true}, details).then(function (data) {
                $state.go('app.home', {}, {reload: true, inherit: false}); // Let's go home
            }, function (data) {

yes i am able to send tokens but i am unable to see the, details.username, custom data.

in ionic push dashboard user details page. I am sending custom data like: details.customdata = {id:123,name:‘user’};

In order to set the user information do this (I know you probably already did that but I had to re-do it when they changed the push version last week) :

  • make sure you have the latest bower version with : npm install -g bower
  • run the command : ionic add ionic-platform-web-client
  • register your app : ionic io init
  • make sure dev is set to false : ionic config set dev_push false

As for the code :

var details = { 
 'name' : 'your-name',
 'email': 'your-email',
 'password': 'your-password'

var signupSuccess = function(data){
 user = data.uuid;

var user = Ionic.User.current(); // We check if the user exists
 if (! {
  Ionic.Auth.signup(details).then(signupSuccess, function (data) {

And if you want to set custom data, you can throw this wherever you want :

var user = Ionic.User.current();
user.set('customdata1', 'value1');
user.set('customdata2', 'value2');
user.set('customdata3', 'value3');;