Ionic Beta 14 without Cordova

Hello, we’ve noticed a few big issues updating to beta 14. Our app is not hybrid so we do not wrap it for native downloads, it is only viewed on mobile browsers.

After reading through the beta 14 release blog post, I noticed that some of the features (specially the navigation and history transition) are now “platform” specific.

My guess is that browser webapps don’t have this “platform” defined, therefore the app doesn’t know what platform animation/transition setting to use.

Does this make sense? If I am correct in my assumption, is there a way to configure a “platform” across the board?

It defaults to platform specific changes, and when no changes it defaults to what iOS does. But you can still override even these defaults to do what you want. I’d encourage you to take a look at the $ionicConfigProvider. And for more examples of what it can do you could even review the unit tests.

@adam is it possible to set defaults and still use the platform specifics? So basically “changing” the default while still applying the platform specific styles? Actually, I would like to add a platform “default” that is applied when no platform is detected (which will be either (mobile) browsers and/or mobile platforms that are either knew or unknown)

So for a specific platform default, use something like $;