Ionic Beta 14 - animations guidelines


I wanted to dive into the latest version of the framework for our app, currently animations are removed from the nav-view in beta 14.

I noticed you can set animations through the $ionicConfigProvider and on the view itself. If possible could you provide some guidance on how animations will be done in the future?

My current thought is if :

If I want a custom animation, I can simply define my own animation functions in the format of $ionicConfigProvider.transitions.views.ios as another key in the object.


$ionicConfigProvider.transitions.views.3dflip = function(enteringHeaderBar, leavingHeaderBar, direction, shouldAnimate){
/ animation logic

If I start developing with this in mind will I encounter breaking changes as you guys release your own animation pack?

Thanks Joe

So right now, its not going to be possible to create your own custom animations. The current transitions are a mix of js and css to get the performance we need.

Once things are finalized we aim to clean this up and enable uses to define custom animations

Is there any ETA on being able to customize transitions? We’re putting the final tweaks on our app before we release in a few weeks and custom transitions are essential to what we’re doing. Thanks!