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Hi everyone,

a rather general question here. I am currently developing an app (with Ionic obviously) and wanted to add social functionality + a easy to integrate backend server. For the backend I was thinking of couchDB because it seems to support JSON well. However, how about a social API integration. I was thinking of ? I haven’t touched anything yet really, so I am flexible to any suggestions. The requirement is not to use existing social platforms like FB but to create a app specific one.
What is a standard architecture recommendation for this? The easier integration with Ionic the better… :smile:



Lately I have been experimenting with Sails and I really like it. For loging in there is a cool package called Passport.


You can try out the firebase BaaS. It has an angular module that you can use to synch data back and forth plus some easy authentication options. The data setup and planning takes a little bit of time to understand, but once you get it, the platform is easy to work with and provides a lot of features. Also, its free for just hacking around.


+1 for firebase.
Very easy to use and implement, but has some caveats while using ng-repeat with a lot of items and also when filtering or ordering. Worth giving it a try


Firebase looks interesting. But is there a free solution similar to Firebase? The plan is to use the least expensive solution…


@dinodsaurus You say you experimented - what would be your go-to platform if you wanted something robust? Sails looks interesting, but it seems it’s a prototype and api may vary over future… ?


Take a look on hapijs it used by very big companies - detailed on there home page.
Hapi has plugin called “bell” - it is a third-party login plugin.
And a lot more amazing plugins including Joi - Object schema validation, that it is very powerful.

Take a look on the tutorials on there site


I’ve used sails.js before and I wouldn’t call it a prototype - its more of a compilation of well known node.js projects with some of their own parts as well. Similar to if you were to use node, express, passport, mongoose, etc and wire it all together. Sails does something similar (albeit in a very seamless way) and gives you a command line interface.

Based on the github activity and maturity of the framework, I’d say it isn’t going anywhere. Now deployd on the other hand…


I would also recommend hapi.js. There are not as many tutorials as express.js around but once you figure out how its pieces work together, it is easy to implement. Also check out this getting started guide.


deployd is cool, but im not sure if I would use it for production app. Its really simple to set it up and get going but when you need some custom functionality it will be hard to integrate it with deployd.



You can checkout my small app HN-IonFire a realtime Hacker News Ionic app with AngularFire(Firebase).

Hope it gives you some idea.


Hi Xelom. i checked your app and it’s great! does firebase work in json format or is it sending you rss or custom api collection data?



I’m investigating this one: Kinvey


Well in the app you can see 2 usages of Firebase. One through AngularFire, which is a Angular.js module made officialy by Firebase. It’s an awesome library, auto syncs collections via websockets. The second one can be found in services.js. It makes a simple GET request to firebase and retrieves the object as JSON.

So Firebase stores all objects as JSON. Just choose one of the above :slight_smile:


Take a look at (if you haven’t already), its first tier is free and it supports JSON. I used a rectangular service instead of js SDK but it has a really good support for lots of functionalities.


very interesting this ! Thank you


Does anyone have any examples or tutorials on integrating Ionic with a Sails.js backend using Node Passport?

I can’t get the window.redirects to work and I’m getting 500 errors on the server from my localhost. I’m not sure what’s going on. I really want to use Sails instead of something like Firebase, but I can’t get the Auth part to work :frowning:


I’m actually trying to make them working together.
I think that i’ll create a blank project and upload it on github then. I’ll come back to help you @texasman03 :wink: