Ionic Auth broken?


Since yesterday I can’t log into my app. It seems that the auth server is down. We are planning the migration for january. Is it working properly? Please, I need help. I sent an email yesterday but at the moment I have no response.

Thank you in advance.



Users can’t log into your app or you can’t log in to the dashboard?

You should definitely migrate before the shutdown date.
Your users will take time to upgrade to the most recent version.

Hi Sujan,

Thanks for the response.

Me and my users can’t login in the app. We use $ionicAuth and we have a own user authentication system. Our server seems to be working but unfortunately we can’t login, I can login in panel without any problem.

Yes, I know that we should migrate before the 31st of January, but during the meantime I would like to use Auth and Push.

Thanks in advance,


Then this seems to be the correct channel:

Maybe some other Auth users can tell you if they have the same problem, but any fix can only come from Ionic.