Ionic App stops on launch

I am building an Ionic 4 App + PouchDB, I have built the app by executing the command ionic cordova run android and for a few days, it works well. Recently though, the app just won’t open anymore and I have no idea how to check what went wrong.

Prior to this, whenever something went wrong in the app, I am able to check it using the chrome://inspect . However, with the app not being able to open at all, it’s impossible to check the cause of the problem since I am also unable to check using chrome://inspect .

When I tried to run it using ionic cordova run android -l , I get the same result, which is the app loads and closes a few moments later, and I’m still unable to get into chrome://inspect .

I had a hunch that it has something to do with PouchDB. The app starts to behave this way when the storage is almost reaching 200mb. Upon reading the PouchDB FAQ, it’s stated;

In PhoneGap/Cordova, you can have unlimited data on both iOS and Android by using the SQLite Plugin.

But I am already using the SQLite Plugin for PouchDB, I have used cordova-sqlite adapter for my PouchDB too. Below is an example of line in my code:

this._userdb = new PouchDB('user.db', { adapter: 'cordova-sqlite'});

Using the SQLite plugin should have no problem of storing data over 200mb, but what could be the reason of the app suddenly crashing and how do I solve this?

With the app being unable to open, I’m out of ideas on how to retrieve the data stored inside PouchDB since I can’t even get into the chrome://inspect at all (I can’t see any console.log() for the stored data).

I feel like clearing the app data would allow the app to be opened as how it used to be but I really need to do a backup of the data stored inside PouchDB but I really have no idea how other than getting the console.log() of the data.

Is there any other way I can access the data stored inside the PouchDB to do the backup?

Update: I tried running ionic cordova build android and still gets the same result.

launch app from android studio it should show you an error in the logcat.