Ionic app show blank screen on android device (4.4.4) after splash screen

Had the same problem:

Your approach helped me.

If I comment out the following colors in variables.scss:

 //primary-color-dark:   #303F9F,
  //primary-color:        #3F51B5,
  //primary-color-light:  #C5CAE9,
  //primary-color-text:   #FFFFFF,
  //primary-text-color:   #212121,
  //secondary-text-color: #757575,

then the command:
ionic cordova run android --prod
allows my app to run after the splashscreen with no issue.

But why these declarations cause issues, remains a mystery.
Has anyone found out something?


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Crazy! Same here. I knew it wasnt anything to do with the splash screen (it fails AFTER that)
Removing a few of the primary colours from the colours map makes the App work in Android 4.4

Its a known thing:
Apparently too many colours in that map just cause it to fail. The workaround seems to be keep quiet until no-one uses 4.4 anymore :smiley:
Or failing that, just remove a few colours till it mends itself. In my case, 12 was the winning number, any more and it fails. Hope this helps somebody!

i removed all css from my app for testing but still i am facing this issue