Ionic app inside iframe on iPad cannot edit input fields



I’m running an ionic app inside an iframe. It works on my desktop browser and android phone. However on my iPad the input elements do not take my input.

Exactly as described in this forum post:

Ionic 1.1.0, iOS 9.0.2

I have tried the workaround mentioned by fabioc but it does not work for me. (I tried putting fabioc’s workaround in a couple places but perhaps I’m doing it wrong?).

The problem happens only on my iPad using Chrome-iOS and in the phonegap browser, but it works correctly when using safari-iOS.

Any solutions or ideas? Thanks!


Update. I found that Chrome on my iPad was several versions behind. I updated chrome and now fabioc’s workaround is working for me. It also works in the phonegap browser.

In fact I was able to use austinwang’s simplified approach of a simple window.focus() at the top of tapHandleFocus.

I’m up and running. Any other/better workaround ideas are still welcome, as I really don’t like having to manually hack the ionic.js file!