Ionic App can't load after Safari 14

Hi everyone, I just restarted my Mac after system update where Safari has beed updated to version 14. Now whenever I browse an app with Safari, the browser crash saying “A problem repeatedly occurred…”
I’ve tried through both ionic serve and real deploy, same error.
I’ve tried with Google Chrome and it works fine in both.

The weird thing is it open modals correctly and it let me navigate through some pages (like tabs) but it doesn’t let me push new page to navigation stack, maybe is it JavaScript related and how Safari now handles JavaScript? I’m just guessing…

Only safari gives me this error after System Update. Someone is facing the same issue? I’d like to fix it but I feel like it is not my fault…

Thanks everyone

EDIT: I’m talking about PWAs, the same app runs perfectly as always on mobile so it MUST be Safari 14 related.


After further investigation, I found this. I’m not removing the post because I think it could be helpful for dumb people like me…

Quoting LiamDeBeasi:

" What happened?

There was a regression in Safari/iOS betas where web components with delegatesFocus: true caused the browser to crash if there were no focusable child elements. The underlying issue was that WebKit was not checking if the focusable element existed prior to forwarding focus. This affects the ion-item component as delegatesFocus: true is used.

The issue was resolved and code to fix the issue was merged; however, the fix has not shipped in Safari for macOS. As a result, this issue will still appear when Safari 14 for macOS is released . This fix has shipped in iOS 14, so devices running that version of iOS are not affected.

When will the fix be released?

The Ionic Framework team has verified that the issue is resolved in the latest Safari Technology Preview, indicating that this fix should ship in an upcoming update to Safari (i.e. Safari 14.0.1 or whatever the version ends up being). We will follow up on this thread when the fix has been released.

Is there a workaround?

The current workaround is to add a <div tabindex="0"></div> inside of ion-item as suggested in #21939 (comment).



Thanks for the post i thought I was the only one having this issue and it was something to do with some bad coding. Glad to hear there is a fix coming but nonetheless thanks for reporting it and making it known!

Just installed the Technology Preview of Safari and can confirm my app doesn’t crash