Ionic Animated Accordian Dropdown

When a a bigCard (Money) is clicked, I want the cards inside it to open with animation like Nightly Accordion List.

I believe Nightly Accordion List uses an old version of Angular - is there anything newer? What is the best way to to do this?

I would like to use animate.css if possible .

I would use css to animate the height of the cells.

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Is it possible to add components into an Ionic app? I want to add the Expansion Panel.

You can try it, I think that could work, but I don’t tried it yet. So Idk what to import where.

There’s a thread about ionic accordion. Please search.

My recommendation is to use CSS transition and animation along with ngClick.

Honestly, I hope an animated accordion will be included in Ionic 4 as a built-in component.

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