Ionic + angular2-token

Hey everyone,

I’m a Rails developer and I have already an app wrote on ionic 1.

I’m trying to upgrade my app to ionic2 and this app has a devise token base authentication. On ionic1 this worked really fine. But now, on ionic2 I cant find any angular2 token auth based library that works with ionic2.

I’m trying to use the angular2-token lib but i’m facing a bunch of problems with dependencies (the main problem is related with angular/router)

Does any anybody have already implemented this sort of authentication?

Any help, helps.


We use this jwt library that works well:

If you wanted to role your own, it looks simple enough to convert to a devise token system.


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I’m struggling with this issue right now. I had the same kind of problems with the dependencies, so i downloaded the code and tunned it, manually.

Have a look at

I’ve tested signIn, signOut and validateToken and it works fairly well. Now I’m trying to implement signInOAuth and i’m stucked, mainly because i think that my devise_token_auth configuration for omniauth, in rails backend, is not working properly.

Best regards…

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Hey guys,

I’ve just tested the last angular2-token lib version + ionic 3 and it seems that the dependencies problem got solved.

tks everyone

Hey @gustavowt ! I can’t config my project with angular2token, I need your help please,

Hey @briandosejs. I didn’t finish the implementation yet, I’m still working on this during my free times. When its get finished I can write it down here so you guys can even copy/paste it.

hey @briandosejs I just finished the implementation and I just followed the instructions listed on the angulars-token readme

of course I’m using ionic3 which has all dependencies solved.


Great! @gustavowt I’ll try that with Ionic 3!


Are you still using your modified library? The main branch has a fix for Ionic but it doesn’t seem to work with Ionic 3.9.2. The link above goes to the example app, but not your fixed code.


Hi I’m too in the same condition, but I’m not trying with Omniauth but AuthGurard, Since Ionic dont have Activestate configuration in routes so how should i implement that part or is it not neccessary?