`@ionic/angular` has no exported member `AlertButton`

I’ve upgraded to Ionic 5.3.4 and switched from ionic-angular to @ionic/angular package. Now my AlertButton import doesn’t work, even though the Ionic API DOCS states this is the type I need to use for buttons definition:

Module '"../../../node_modules/@ionic/angular/ionic-angular"' has no exported member 'AlertButton'.ts(2305

How can I properly import this type to use in my methods signature?

import {AlertButton} from "@ionic/core";


Thanks for the quick help! As far as I understand, the type was moved to the @ionic/core package.

Is there a way I can discover this myself using docs or migration guides, coz if I search Ionic docs for AlertButton, nothing is there and there is no link from the AlertController to that type to get more details (at least on how to import it)?

My understanding is that @ionic/core is everything that’s supposed to be framework-independent. @ionic/angular only has Angular-specific stuff.